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    About Us

    Universal Promise believes Equity and Ubuntu will exist when quality educational opportunities are accessible to all. Only then will we find and value our uniqueness, unleash our potential, be accountable for our future, stand confident and resilient in the face of injustice, and respect that everyone has the right to do the same.

    Toward that end, we provide individuals and institutions in underserved regions with the academic resources needed to ensure educational and career opportunities that will promote just, civil, and hopeful societies.

    Guided by the values of inclusivity, accountability, and sustainability, we use a rare approach (below) in South Africa that puts local experts at the heart of our agenda to fund three areas: Infrastructure & Security, Education & Careers, Health & Well-being.

    Step 1
    We collaborate with underserved, underperforming schools in South Africa and ask administrators, educators, parents, and students to share their Top Ten Wishes for change.

    Step 2
    Together we consolidate and prioritize the four sets of wishes, and then we outline before, during, and after responsibilities and ownership.

    Step 3
    After school administrators, educators, and students satisfactorily complete their responsibilities for any given wish, Universal Promise provides support, assisting the community to meet each goal.

    Step 4
    After we fund a project, we pause and allow time for the school to show evidence of its ownership of and maintenance of the project.

    Step 5
    The school's independence and our ultimate departure are fundamental to our mutual success.

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