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    About Us

    Since 1983, WMVY has operated out of a little house, at the end of a dirt road, on a special little Island off the coast of Massachusetts. Independent and eclectic, not unlike the local populace, the station has always remained true to the vision of being a Voice For The Vineyard.

    The station's roots stretch back to the 1970s, when community radio WVOI broadcast out of the same building for a brief period. In 1981, an automated station hit the airwaves on 92.7. But it was May 1983 that WMVY, as you would recognize it, sprung to life, with live DJs and a loose musical format wrapped less around hits and more around quality, under-appreciated artists.
    In 2012, Aritaur had sold off its other radio stations and needed to sell WMVY. Rather than shut down the station or hand it over to a corporate group, a novel plan was hatched. Aritaur sold the 92.7 FM signal license to a Boston station that was looking to air its content on the Cape & Islands, but they did NOT sell the content, the equipment or the brand. The SAVE MVY campaign was launched, and in 60 days, the MVY staff raised $600,000 from listeners to cover one year's operating expenses. In February 2013, WMVY signed off 92.7 and became an internet-only station.

    Fifteen months later, WMVY re-emerged on 88.7 FM. The station transitioned to an independent, listener-supported, 501c3 non-profit, and continued its tradition of playing eclectic, under-appreciated artists, while re-affirming its commitment to being A Voice For The Vineyard.

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