• Events Manager

    Posted: 04/24/2023

    The Events Manager will assist the Owner/General Manager in planning, facilitating, and executing a diverse offering of community events aligned with the store’s mission and vision. This position reports to the Owner/General Manager and Store Manager.

    The Events Manager will be compensated based on the following wage calculations:

    • Annual non-exempt salary of $32,000 to $35,000, dependent on experience and skills
    • Weekly shift expectations: 35-40 hours per week.
    • Position description, goals, expectations, and compensation to be reevaluated on 9/30/23.
    The Events Manager will be responsible for executing projects toward the following goals.
    1. Work with Owner/General Manager to develop short-term and long-term strategic plans for proposing, scheduling, and executing bookstore events that expand the bookstore’s community impact and raise the bookstore’s overall event offering profile.
    2. Cultivate enduring relationships with community nonprofit organizations, libraries, and educational institutions, with an emphasis on author visits, conferences, and B2B opportunities.
    3. Maintain a comprehensive database of event statistics to be leveraged toward securing future events.
    4. Attain one or more of the following targets between 7/1/23 and 12/31/23:
      1. Average of 7 events per month.
      2. Specified dollar amount in direct revenue from events (to be disclosed during interview).
      3. At least 2 ongoing agreements with nonprofits or educational institutions to provide books for sale at book fairs or via educator orders.
    The Events Manager will communicate frequently and consistently with Owner/General Manager and Store Manager regarding:
    • strategic plans for events
    • daily store operations
    • website maintenance
    • advertising strategies for events and community outreach projects
    The Events Manager will coordinate with the Owner/General Manager on publisher-facing communications regarding events and publicity tasks as needed.

    The Events Manager will exercise autonomy over customer-facing communications regarding events, including but not limited to event pages on bookstore website, adding events to media and community calendars, placing ads with local media publications, and tracking customer engagement with past and upcoming events.

    The Events Manager will also serve as a Frontline Bookseller during store hours when needed.
    Applications for employment should be submitted with resume via email to info@charterbookstore.com with “Events Manager” in the subject line

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