• Program Officer, Housing and Economic Policy

    Posted: 03/31/2021

    Job Title: Program Officer, Housing and Economic Policy

    Salary Range: $57,000.00 - $96,867.67


    At a Glance:

    Business Unit: 

    Community Impact and Equity

    Home Department:

    Public Policy and Equity

    Worker Category: 

    Full Time

    FLSA Code: 


    EEOC Job Classification: 

    First/Mid Level Officials and Managers

    Standard Hours: 


    Pay Grade: 


    Granted Funded Date:




    The Housing and Economic Policy Program Officer leads projects that advance United Way of Rhode Island’s strategic plan LIFT UNITED agenda around Housing and Economic Policy Issues to ensure Families have Economic Opportunity. This position is responsible for working with the Community Investment and Equity Team and other United Way staff, volunteers and partners to achieve significant, measurable results. The Housing and Economic Policy Program Officer is a professional level position reporting to the Director of Policy and Equity. We are committed to accelerating progress toward intersectional diversity, equity and inclusion as individuals, as an organization, and as an active community leader. This position faces internally and externally into the community. 

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Serve as the staff lead for United Way’s public policy work for its initiatives across the organization. Work with community stakeholders and experts as well as the community investment department to develop operational plans for the work related to public policy, and report to those groups periodically about progress toward goals in the plans. 
    • Apprise the community investment department and volunteer committees of important information related to policies and outcomes in Housing and Economic Policy. Staff committees and work groups of the community investment department, including the Public Policy Committee of the Community Investment Committee. Assist in the development, implementation and promotion of United Way’s public policy agenda aligned with United Way’s strategic initiatives and goals. Track and analyze budgetary and legislative proposals consistent with the organization’s strategic plan focus areas and goals. 
    • Participate in the development of advocacy strategies to advance annual public policy and government relations agenda.  Build relationships with policymakers that support the work of United Way and its strategic goals. Work with members of the Community Investment Department to connect and align public policy with other strategic priority areas.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    • Bachelor's degree or relevant work experience in fields such as public policy, public administration, political science, government, education, health, economics, or other social sciences.
    • Minimum 2-5 years of related professional experience as a policy researcher or educator, advocate, and/or coalition builder. 
    • Proven experience in community development, organizing and engagement strategies.
    • Flexible and self-directed, excellent organizational skills
    • Effective listening and strong verbal and written communications skills, including public speaking skills
    • Strong people skills and an ability to relate to diverse groups and individuals
    • Ability to move projects forward in a timely and responsive manner
    • Aptitude for relationship building, facilitation and negotiation
    • Experience working with a board of directors and/or steering committees
    • Management skills, with an emphasis on team building and a collaborative approach

    Core Values:

    • demonstrate integrity by being accountable for actions, keeping commitments, and speaking honestly and truthfully with others
    • demonstrate an enthusiasm for professional development acquiring new skills and knowledge to enhance role
    • demonstrate a commitment to individual and team-based assignments
    • demonstrate quality assurance by producing accurate and thorough work
    • demonstrate interpersonal skills in dealing with others
    • demonstrate valuing the diversity of others’ opinions and experiences
    • demonstrate sound reasoning and good common sense
    • demonstrate the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations
    • demonstrate active participation in departmental, team, and full-staff meetings


    • This job description is intended to convey the essential functions of this position and it is not intended to be an exhaustive list of skills, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position. 
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