• Communications and Advocacy Manager

    Posted: 03/26/2021

    Bike Newport Mission: to create the conditions that lead to more people biking more often, and to ensure that bicycling is a viable, safe and comfortable primary choice for transportation and recreation.
    Bike Newport Vision: More people feel confident and supported to choose biking for both transportation and recreation. Everyone who wants to ride rides whenever they want.

    Bike Newport is an exciting fast-paced leader in bicycle advocacy. We bring together community programs and leaders to establish positive outcomes for bicycling in Newport and Aquidneck Island, and to influence statewide bicycle planning. Our goal is to get more people on bicycles for both recreation and transportation, and we make progress by focusing on infrastructure, education, and ridership. We work to remove any barrier to bicycling based on location, personal mobility, financial status, language, gender, culture, race, and any other obstacles. We work with intention to ensure equity in leadership and participation. All Bike Newport staff are expected to be directly involved in the organization’s programs and initiatives, and comfortable in the Bike Garage environment. To that end, all staff complete basic bicycle skills training and racial equity training, agree to follow the rules of the road, bike for transportation as much as possible, and serve as role models and advocates for safe cycling practices. Together, staff ensure implementation of Bike Newport’s organization values in programs, policies and practices, including economic justice, inclusivity, livable/healthy environment and livable/healthy lifestyles.

    The Communications and Advocacy Manager will help more people to choose biking for transportation and recreation - by elevating Bike Newport’s efforts and by ensuring our initiatives are visible, enticing, and accessible. This member of our team will be a skilled writer experienced in communications and advocacy, will bring a representative lens to our work to help ensure racial equity, will know and love bicycles as a transportation and social solution, will want to engage people in bicycle friendly progress, and will be experienced in using social media and other communications to achieve these goals. Command of Spanish is a highly desirable skill for this position.

    The Communications Manager will ensure implementation of Bike Newport’s organization values in all communications and advocacy policies and practices, including economic justice, inclusivity, livable/healthy environment and livable/healthy lifestyles.

    Job-Specific Responsibilities • Manage program promotion and social media. • Ensure all communications are available in English and Spanish. • Implement graphic design with attention to organization graphic styles and standards. • Manage the agency’s three web sites and related social medial platforms: bikenewportri.org, elliotsride.org, and riwaves.org • Maintain the agency’s public-facing online calendars • Ensure that all community events are posted in community calendars • Write press releases, our bi-weekly newsletter, blogs and essays, and other partner/member alerts • Ensure that press list is maintained up-to-date • Research and present to the Executive Director new and unique ways to improve agency communications and advocacy.

    Other Responsibilities: • Set job priorities, develop and follow a work schedule, monitor progress toward goals, and track activities. • Keep personal timesheets up to date daily • Provide monthly activity report to the Executive Director by the 7th day of each month. • Work cooperatively and supportively with all staff to ensure optimum agency and project progress • Pet Projects: In addition to the job-specific and other responsibilities listed above, Bike Newport staff are encouraged to take on “Pet Projects” outside of their own job descriptions that are of special personal interest and are directly related to the Bike Newport mission. Pet projects will need to be approved by the direct supervisor and Executive Director, supported in concept by the rest of the staff, and must not impede completion of job-specific tasks. • Other tasks as assigned.

    To Apply Please send one pdf attachment including these three elements: 1) Cover letter expressing why you are a good fit for this position, how this position aligns with your professional career goals, and how you can help elevate DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) as a part of your work. 2) Your current resume – showing alignment with this position. 3) Links and references – links to pertinent articles, projects, posts demonstrating your skills in this area, and at least two relevant professional references with contact information. Feel free to indicate privacy/timing requests which will be honored. Send your application to: Allyson McCalla, Director of Community Relations and Administration, allyson@bikenewportri.org.

    Thank you for your interest!

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