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    Posted: 02/04/2021

    Prepares and cooks foods for patient employee and visitor meals and various special functions in accordance with established recipes procedures and standards and within the established time schedule. Performs other related duties as required.

    Demonstrates understanding of Hospital's and Lifespan's Mission Vision and Values.

    Demonstrates understanding of job description performance expectations and competency assessment plan.

    Demonstrates a commitment toward meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers and consistently adheres to our Customer Service Standards.

    Complies with department and hospital policies and procedures.

    - reviews policies and procedures

    - reviews Employee Handbook

    Participates in departmental and/or interdepartmental quality improvement activities.

    Completes mandatory safety management education

    - Hospital-wide

    - Department-specific

    - Job-specific

    Determines types and quantities of food to be prepared by reviewing menus and production sheets.

    Plans cooking schedules to ensure readiness of foods for scheduled meals.

    Prepares and cooks foods for regular and modified patient diets employee meals and special functions in accordance with written recipes accepted methods and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan.

    Unwraps inspects and washes various foods and trims peels cuts chops and grinds a variety of meats and vegetables using knives blenders grinders and other manual and power tools.

    Measures and mixes ingredients according to recipes to make sauces soups casseroles desserts stews and to season other foods.

    Bakes roasts broils fries or steams prepared foods.

    Tests food for taste and readiness by sight smell taste temperature and adds seasonings and other ingredients to improve flavor texture and appearance.

    Carves and garnishes foods arranges in serving trays and delivers to electric serving units on trayveyor and cafeteria lines.

    Keeps serving lines adequately supplied with freshly cooked foods at all times.

    Determines efficient usage of leftover food for Cafeteria and Patient service.

    Consistently checks holding temperatures of hot and cold foods records temperatures appropriately and takes corrective action according to HACCP guidelines and RI Department of Health Regulations.

    Wraps and clearly labels and dates all foods before being stored in the refrigerators and freezers.

    Prepares short order meals for patients between regular scheduled meal service as directed.

    Maintains work areas and equipment in clean and sanitary condition.

    Demonstrates a working knowledge of food service safety and sanitation and maintains current RI Department of Health certification in Food Safety.

    Maintains security of kitchen area by locking refrigerators and kitchen doors and turning off all ovens ranges broilers grill and steam kettles at the end of the evening shift.

    Assembles patient trays for the following patient population:

    - child adult geriatric

    Suicide Precaution

    Other information:

    Duties require a thorough knowledge of culinary skills including cooking methods sanitation and volume food production.

    Knowledge is usually attained through the completion of a two-year post-secondary program in Culinary Arts.

    Obtains &
    maintains RI Department of Health Certification in Food Safety within 6 month
    probation period of employment.

    RI DOH Certification-eligible candidates having comparable food safety certification may work temporarily under supervision.

    Physical Requirements:

    Must be able to stand 1-3 hours per day walk 3-7 hours per day with infrequent bending/twisting and lift 25- 50 lbs with good body mechanics.

    Must be able to use both hands/wrists with moderate deviation and pinching frequent fine motor skills with repetitions.

    Near vision must be accurate at 20/20 with minimal far vision and color discrimination.

    Accurate depth perception is required and must hear a whisper at 3 feet.

    Lifespan is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race color religion sex national origin age ethnicity sexual orientation ancestry genetics gender identity or expression disability protected veteran or marital status.   Lifespan is a VEVRAA Federal Contractor.
    Location: Newport Hospital USA:RI:Newport
    Work Type: Full Time
    Shift: Shift 1
    Union: Non-Union

    Interested parties may apply here


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