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    Posted: 04/26/2021

    Flexibility: Sign-on Bonus for Staff who work this Season.  Other Cash Incentives available in season! We maintain a large base of skilled servers and have a very  busy season ahead. We are an ideal match for people seeking to earn  some extra money in their spare time: teachers, experienced students,  stay-at-home parents, even servers from other parts of the hospitality  community. Our scheduler will work with you one-on-one to develop a  schedule  that  fits  your  needs.    

    Venues: We work in some of Southern New England’s most prestigious  venues – including Newport’s Historic Mansions. Get paid to work in a  place you would normally pay admission to see! Most of our business in  the summer months is in Newport County area. 

    The Work: Off-premise Caterers with a positive  attitude,  friendliness, teamwork, and a “whatever it takes” attitude. No menus to  remember,  no  tests  to  take,  no  long  training  periods  and  you  will  be  rewarded with good food while at work! Experience is preferred, being  able  to  carry  large  trays  is  a  must,  and  there  is  a  minimum  weight  carrying requirement of 35 pounds. 

    Pay: Competitive

    How   it   Works:   You   can   find   applications   on   our   website,  blackstonecaterers.com, or come in to apply in person. Within a week of  turning in your application you will be contacted by someone from our  experienced hiring staff for an interview. Please email Niki Smith at nsmith@blackstonecaterers.com

    401.848.2030 | 224 John Clarke Road, Middletown RI 02842  www.blackstonecaterers.com 

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