• Tech Director - Theatre at St. Michael’s Camp (TASM)

    Posted: 01/26/2024

    Theatre at St. Michael’s Camp is the performing arts summer program based at St. Michael’s School in Newport RI. Since its first summer in 2001, TASM has been offering a variety of theatrical sessions for young thespians. This summer, TASM runs 5 weeks, from June 26 – July 29, with 2 major theatrical performances – a Shakespearean play (2023’s offering is A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and an original musical. Each of those productions has a 2-week rehearsal process (the musical has an additional week to create the script, music and design), and concurrently a 2-week rehearsal/tech/run process. There are generally 6-8 campers who register to do tech in addition to the 25 campers who register to act, all ranging in age from 9-16 years old. TASM faculty includes a production team of director, choreographer, and assistant or musical director for each show, as well as a tech director for the full summer season, and number of camp counselors who help out with all aspects of the productions. 
    For summer 2023, TASM is accepting applications for a Tech Director to design & implement set, lights & sound, and help with costumes & props, for 2 shows through the Theatre at St. Michael’s summer camp program. In addition, the TD would be working with the campers signed up as techies (ages 9 – 16 ) to help them learn & do the tech work. The position of TD would support the camp productions by designing (or mentoring campers to design) the sets & lighting for each session, leading a team of campers and counselors to implement those designs for performances, and helping to run the shows. In addition, the TD should be ready to support the costuming needs and sound system (though costume and sound design can generally be headed up by another member of the production team). The camp day runs Monday-Friday, from 9:00 – 4:00, but of course faculty and staff often work beyond those hours to ensure that all is ready for the production. Performances are held on Friday and Saturday nights, July 14 & 15, and July 28 & 29, with a full summer camp strike day on Monday July 31.
    Interested candidates should email a cover letter, resume, and list of references to Christina Johnston, TASM Camp Director cjohnston@smcds.org

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