• Lunch/Recess Aide @ Pell Elementary

    Posted: 08/05/2022

    Full Job Description
    September 2022
    POSITION: Lunch/Recess Aide
    GENERAL DUTIES: Lunch/Recess Coverage
    REPORTS To: Principal and/or designee
    QUALIFICATIONS: 1.High School Diploma/GED2.Ability to interact well with students, parents, and staff.3.Demonstrated ability to work successfully with children and adults. 4. Ability to maintain high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of all staff and individuals working with students.5.Must be dependable and be able to perform all assigned duties.6.Must pass state/national criminal background check. JOB GOAL: To assist in the maintenance of an orderly, safe and pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria and on the playground by helping and supervising students during lunch and recess time.

    RESPONSIBILITIES1.Supervise students during lunchtime, including when students are getting their lunch, eating, and cleaning up as needed.

    Use the chain of command appropriately for any issues or discipline problems encountered when interacting with students.2.Assists in following protocol established by administration for orderly disposal of food waste, return of trays, and dismissal from the cafeteria. 3. Supervise children during recess outside or inside (classroom activities during inclement weather). 4. Implement Recess Rocks program at every recess. Utilize the school wide PBIS and Open Circle language to support behavior management.5. Provide playground equipment and assume responsibility for daily storage after playground period.6. Assumes any other duties delegated by the supervisor and the supervisor may make any adjustment in the scope of responsibilities as outlined above which will be in the interest of the school.7.Carry and appropriately utilize the walkie talkie system daily.

    PHYSICAL/MENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Walking, standing, sitting, talking, hearing, seeing and ability to move quickly to assist a child when necessary.
    WORKING CONDITIONS: Work inside/outside, work with/around others
    HOURS: 3 3.5 hours per day (when school is in session)
    SALARY: $ 12.50 per hour
    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 10 months
    EVALUATION: In accordance with School Committee policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.
    APPLICATION: Applications accepted through School Spring www.schoolspring.com Applicants are not to approach members of the Newport School Committee.

    Individual contact between applicants and School Committee members may constitute grounds for disqualifying an application.Providing Students Opportunities and Access to the World Through Quality EducationAFFIRMATIVE ACTION/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

    The Newport School Department does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, color, disability or veteran status.

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