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    Posted: 06/10/2022

    Full Job Description
    The position of Harbormaster is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the State Laws and Local Ordinances pertaining to the operation of boats and moorings in Middletown waters, and maintenance of equipment and facilities related to the Harbormaster operations. This individual has the overall responsibility to patrol the waterways of the Town also represents the Town on matters related to water activities. As such, the Harbormaster has certain responsibility to maintain the safety and security of those waterways to ensure the general well-being of those persons who enjoy their use. Personnel assigned as a Harbormaster shall perform preventive patrol and other functions aimed at protecting life and property.

    I ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The duties listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the class, or it addresses business needs and changing practices:

    Shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of state laws, local ordinances and regulations pertaining to the operation of boats and moorings in the public waters, within the confines of the Town of Middletown.
    Shall be in charge of the vessel at all times.
    Shall patrol the waters of Middletown.
    At no time shall the Harbormaster take the patrol boat out of the waters of Middletown unless permission has been granted by the Chief of Police or their designee.
    Maintain a constant means of communication to dispatch either through cellular phone or radio.
    Maintain a familiarity with all waterways, their common and proper names and locations, and any common or newly developed hazards in those areas. He/she shall report any new hazards to the appropriate authority in the interest of safety.
    Implement and enforce the Harbor Management Ordinance.
    Maintain certificate of mooring inspection and logs them into the database.
    Collect fees for the use of moorings and makes deposits accordingly.
    Maintain valid mooring permits and log them into the Harbormaster database.
    Inspect and enforce regulations related to mooring permits.
    Perform daily checks to ensure permitted vessel is registered to assigned mooring. Addresses issues accordingly.
    Ensure that no unauthorized person(s) will be allowed access in any Town boat at any time unless permission is granted by the Chief of Police or the Officer-in-Charge.
    Ensure the boat is operated in accordance with State and local laws at all times unless it is response to an emergency.
    Assist with emergency rescues as necessary.
    Maintain a current list of all emergency resources available throughout the Town including those owned by private companies, as well as National, State or Regional agencies, such as the Coast Guard, etc.
    Assist other agencies and private parties during routine or major events that take place in our waterways.
    Act as a liaison with all other Marine and Water Safety agencies throughout the State as well as the Coast Guard.
    Maintain a daily log of all activities on and off the water.
    Respond to all requests for assistance and information.
    Identify abandoned moorings and take appropriate action.
    Train Assistant Harbormasters and other town emergency response officers (Police and Fire) who respond to on the water emergencies.
    Prior to starting patrol, the Harbormaster will check the vessel’s operational condition to ensure the proper oil level, batteries and other pertinent equipment on board.
    The Harbormaster will maintain the vessel’s log book.
    Safely back down and launch the patrol boat.
    The Harbormaster will ensure that the patrol boat is hauled out of the water daily.
    The Harbormaster will perform maintenance on the vessel after every patrol to include:
    Vessel and trailer are washed down inside and out.
    Engine will be flushed with fresh water when available.
    All equipment malfunctions, damage, or other issues related to the maintenance and care of the boat shall be the duty and responsibility of the Harbormaster. Those that are beyond the capability of the Harbormaster shall be reported to the Chief of Police or designee.
    The Harbormaster, in conjunction with police when necessary, shall perform the following duties while on patrol on the waterways. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with:
    Mooring Regulations
    Safety Checks of vessels
    Speed Enforcement
    Summonses for serious safety equipment violations
    Illegal discharge from vessels
    Alcohol related enforcement, i.e. BWI
    Investigate abandoned boats
    Carry out all other powers and duties authorized to Harbor Masters under various state, local and federal marine laws, including but not limited to marine sanitation device (MSD) inspection and discharge responsibilities afforded through the United States Coast Guard, MARPOL ANNEX V, Section 312 of the Clean Water Act, and R.I.G.L §46-22, as amended.
    The Harbormaster shall wear their personal floatation devices (PFD’s) at all times when on the boat.
    The Harbormaster shall perform any other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police or designee.
    II NECESSARY KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES. The following generally describes the knowledge and ability required to enter the position and/or be learned within a short period of time in order to successfully perform the assigned duties:
    Ability to deal with the public in a courteous and efficient manner.
    Ability to work cooperatively with departments of the town, town officials, and Harbormaster Commission.
    Ability to understand and follow both oral and written instructions.
    Must demonstrate a commitment to the highest quality of customer service.
    Knowledge of boat handling, navigation, and mooring systems and principles.
    Must be able to swim and perform water rescues.
    Familiarity with Town Ordinances

    Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.
    Five years in marine related experience required, with five years experience with vessel operation and mooring management preferred.
    Completion of RI Harbormasters Training Academy or similar training.
    RIDEM Boating Safety Education Course certification required, or equivalent or higher valid certification in its absence.
    Valid USCG certification/license preferred.
    Must have a valid First Aid/CPR certification and maintain it as a condition of employment.
    Must have a valid Driver’s License and maintain it as a condition of employment.
    Must have experience in operating a vehicle with a trailer attached.
    Must successfully complete a pre-employment background check.
    Must successfully complete a pre-employment physical exam.

    IV PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    Work requires moderate intermittent physical strength and effort daily, such as, lifting moderate to heavy objects (25 lbs. - 45 lbs.), carrying the object(s) and stacking them or placing them in a vehicle/vessel or storage area. In addition, pulling, pushing, standing, or walking for the full workday may also be involved. A great deal of physical effort must be exerted at this level. This may include operating the manual winch to haul the boat out of the water on a daily basis. Travel, particularly during adverse weather conditions and troublesome sea conditions and at times during the evening, is required.
    Duties may involve close hand and eye coordination and physical dexterity. Manipulation and motor control under conditions that may require extreme accuracy may be critical. The manual skills required are comparable to those which might be needed in operating marine vessels.
    Visual demands include constantly reading documents for general understanding and for analytical purposes and routinely reviewing maps and blueprints with a need for color vision.
    The work environment is typically outside in all weather conditions and moderately noisy. The employee is frequently working near and working with mechanical parts. Working conditions involve exposure to intermittent machine or related noise or a combination of unpleasant elements such as odors, chemical fumes, dust, smoke, heat, cold, oil, dirt or grease.
    V EQUIPMENT USED: Equipment used includes but is not limited to the following

    24 foot hard bottom inflatable boat; Police ban radio/800Mhg radio; chartplotter radar; personal computer and peripheral devices; and telephone

    The Town of Middletown is an Equal Opportunity Employer

    Interested parties may apply here.

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