• Administrative Manager

    FabNewport seeks an experienced Administration Manager to provide daily support operations of our organization, in part by developing and implementing effective administrative policies and efficient procedures. The Administrative Manager serves as FabNewport’s combined “backend” operations manager and bookkeeper, generally ensuring the “office” operates smoothly and efficiently while also managing day-to-day finances and budgeting.

    While supporting the entire staff with administrative matters, the Administration Manager will primarily support the Executive Director, Deputy Director and Director of Instruction in organizational operations, financial management, program implementation, fundraising and communications.

    The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and organizational skills, be well-versed in nonprofit administrative procedures and policies, and be able to actively discover ways to more efficiently manage the administrative aspects of FabNewport.


    Administrative Manager Responsibilities:

    • Maintain up-to-date data and records regarding student information, grants, donors, community partners, etc.
    • With Deputy Director, develop and ensure organization-wide adoption of makerspace procedures and systems.
    • Work with Executive Director and Deputy Director to identify, and take lead in managing, organizational schedules and deadlines
    • Assist with new hire onboarding and enrollment in benefit programs
    • Update Operations forms as needed.
    • Monitor inventory of office supplies and purchase of new materials as needed, identify potential material and equipment suppliers
    • Process, manage and perform all bill payments, staff contracts, payroll functions and healthcare benefits
    • Maintain financial records and statements
    • Monitor all costs and expenses to assist in budget preparation and review
    • Assist with preparation and monitoring of annual operating and program budgets
    • Insure appropriate reconciliations and financial controls are performed
    • Manage interface with banks and all other financial accounts
    • With outside accountant, lead annual audit and preparation of organizational tax fillings
    • Maintain all organizational registrations and filings
    • Manage all vendor contracts and payments, including tracking and reporting on grants
    • Organize and code expenses into Quickbooks
    • Provide analysis and performance reports as required to staff and Board
    Administrative Support
    • Develop, review, and improve administrative systems, policies, and procedures.
    • Plan and coordinate administrative systems, protocols and procedures; review and improve these systems, protocols and procedures; and devise ways to streamline them
    • Create and manage user accounts, emails, computer logons, etc.
    • Assist with preparation for lab visits, events, programs
    • Oversee facilities services and maintenance activities, manage maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, and electrical and mechanical systems
    • Ensure a safe, secure, and well-maintained facility that meets environmental, health, and security standards.
    • Assist team members in filling out and getting organization documentation for grants and programs
    • Keep track of office and lab supplies and order when needed
    • Maintain a general knowledge of lab operations and assist team members with questions
    Administrative Manager Requirements
    • Proven experience as administration manager, including financial bookkeeping
    • In-depth understanding of office management procedures and bookkeeping
    • Familiarity with budget planning, human resources, and customer service procedures.
    • Strong organizational, multitasking and resource management skills.
    • An analytical mind with strong problem-solving, critical thinking, interpersonal, and verbal and written communication skills.
    • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities
    • Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office and Quickbooks
    • Ability to plan for and keep track of multiple projects and deadlines.
    • Familiarity with budget planning, human resources, and customer service

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