• Gas Outage Response

  • Over 425 businesses in Newport County were impacted during the natural gas outage in January 2019. While many of you are back on your feet, we are all still learning the true cost of this event. We know it has been a difficult time, and there remain unanswered questions.

    Through the hard work of many people at the local, regional, and state level, a number of resources were put into motion to help recover losses experienced as a result of the outage. We thank you, the business community, for staying in touch with us and for asking the questions that have helped us understand both the challenges you face, and what needs to be done.

    To view the list of available resources, visit our gas outage resource page.

    To share your experience with us, including any losses suffered as a result of the outage and whether you have been able to make a full recovery, please visit:


    We thank you for your time and information - and for sharing this with other members of the business community – it will help us continue to work on your behalf to ensure all avenues towards a full recovery are pursued.

    The Chamber…

    … has been working closely with the Governor’s Office, the Small Business Administration, and the Commerce Corporation of Rhode Island to advocate on behalf of businesses in Newport County impacted by the natural gas outage in January.

    … will continue to represent the needs of, advocate for, and testify on behalf of the Newport County Business Community.

    … will continue to pursue an understanding of the true economic impact of this gas outage, and use that information to advocate for improvements to infrastructure that will prevent something like this from happening again, and ensure smart growth and economic development.

    … will share our findings with the community so that we all may advocate on behalf of one another to strengthen our collective business community.