• Gas Outage Response

  • We know the local business community has been heavily impacted by the natural gas outage this past week.  The Chamber is working closely with the Governor’s office and Commerce Corporation of Rhode Island to identify what the small business community needs to help them through this process and what kind of resources are needed to get back to full operational capacity.  If you are willing to share what you think your overall losses have been for this past week, including damages and the interruption of operations in comparison to performance this same time last year, please fill out the following survey:

    Click Here for Survey

    Your help would be greatly appreciated in estimating the true cost of this event, identifying capital needs, and also in assisting the State in their request for a SBA Economic Injury Declaration, which will free up access to SBA disaster loan funds for businesses.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.  We will continue to work on your behalf to ensure all avenues and resources are pursued.