• House Labor Committee passed the pay equity bills

    House Labor Committee passed the pay equity bills

    Last Friday, the House Labor Committee passed H.5261 SubA and S.270 SubA, the pay equity bills.  The Chamber has been working with the proponents and members of the business community over the past three months in an attempt to strike a balance between eliminating pay inequity for women and minorities, and adopting safeguards to allow businesses to compensate employees for legitimate business reasons.  The SubAs reflect more than twenty changes to the original bills.  The final negotiations, which took place over Father’s Day weekend, were mediated by the Speaker of House. 
    The Chamber will provide a detailed narrative of the bills once they pass and become law.  At this time (the bills could be amended prior to final passage), the bills are written to become effective January 1, 2023; but businesses can help themselves by preparing for the new law prior to 2023. 

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