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    During our February Politics & Pancakes event Governor Gina Raimondo shared highlights from her 2020 Budget as proposed. The Governor’s budget devotes over 50 pages to economic development programs, one of which is the Rebuild RI Tax credit. The goal of the Rebuild Rhode Island tax credit is to help stimulate business development; retain and attract new business and industry to the state; create good-paying jobs for residents; assist with business, commercial, and industrial real estate development; and in

    Starting this Spring, The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) will recommence the significant structural rehabilitation project on the Newport Pell Bridge. This is part of the multi-phase project which began in Spring 2017. The first phase in 2017 focused on the bridge’s east approach (Newport side) covering about 1,000 feet of the 11,247 foot bridge. It consisted of a partial depth hydro demolition and replacement of the concrete roadway deck from curb to curb. It also included removal of

    The General Assembly is on break this week. Hearings for the week of April 22 – 26 will be released at the end of this week. Members of the House and Senate leadership teams have been making the speaking circuit. Marijuana legalization appears to be receiving a cool reception as the ability to implement and oversee the vast regulatory program required still appears to be in question. The Governor’s proposed new programs also seem to be in question as the early projected revenues for FY2020 are

    The Newport County Chamber of Commerce is one of the state’s largest business advocacy organizations, whose mission is to connect, innovate, enhance and advocate for the businesses of Greater Newport. As a trusted and reliable institution for nearly 100 years, the Newport County Chamber is a vibrant collective body of the greater Newport business community with nearly 1,100 members representing over 50,000 employees. We work to create valuable strategic partnerships, promote strong economic growth,

    An Update from the State House This week is the last week before legislative vacation break which takes place April 15-19. Following the break, we can expect to see committees voting on bills and sending them to the House and Senate floor for consideration. The final Revenue Estimating Conference has been scheduled for May 10th at 9:00 a.m. This day-long meeting will result in a determination of the final revenues available for the FY2020 budget, allowing lawmakers and staff to definitively draft a

    The Center for Global and Regional Economic Studies at Bryant University and the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council jointly released the Rhode Island Current Economic Indicator (CEI) Briefing for the fourth quarter of 2018.

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