• Rocky Hill Country Day School’s Embedded Entrepreneurs Program (E2) Welcomes BrainCo. Team for Cross-Curricular Immersive Innovation-in-Action

    Rocky Hill Country Day School’s Embedded Entrepreneurs Program (E2) Welcomes BrainCo. Team for Cross-Curricular Immersive Innovation-in-Action

    Rocky Hill Country Day School’s Embedded Entrepreneurs Program (E2) Welcomes BrainCo. Team for Cross-Curricular Immersive Innovation-in-Action 
    East Greenwich - On December 1, Rocky Hill Country Day will host Brainco., a Boston-based innovation firm which develops products to enhance focus, teach STEM education, and bring real-world AI experience into the classroom. The goal of the day is to provide RHCD students with an immersive innovation experience designed to expose them to real world makers and neuroscience applications.  
    The full-day, omni-disciplinary experience will impact students in grades 4 through 12 through hands-on, experiential work with AI technology. Under the guidance of Meg Stowe, Rocky Hill Country Day School’s Director of Innovation, the students will begin by understanding neurofeedback and how it can be leveraged to elevate wellbeing and to reduce stress through BrainCo.’s proprietary technology, FocusCalm. 
    Utilizing the latest in AI wearable headsets, FocusCalm is designed to train your brain to reduce stress by combining proven neurofeedback techniques to improve mood and focus. Much like a heart rate monitor can read your pulse, FocusCalm detects electrical activity in the brain that the headset measures using an AI algorithm. The technology supports the research in neuroplasticity that has demonstrated that activities like meditation, neurofeedback, and brain games can train the brain to be more focused and calm.
    Other students will engage in coding a robotic arm to perform a function through award-winning brain computer interface (BCI) technology, Neuromaker: BrainCo.’s robotic prosthetic hand. Neurommaker was developed to educate the greater community on the medical and cultural impact of BCI technology, and the future of medicine by demonstrating a commercially viable solution for differently abled people. 
    “Equipping the next generation with the inspiration and the access to the humans behind innovative technologies exposes our students to the mindsets necessary to develop and design solutions to problems they care about,” explains Stowe, “and that is how we disrupt and shape a better future for all.”
    BrainCo. President, Max Newlon, and his team of researchers, designers, and engineers will be available to answer questions and explain these newest innovations. 
    “One of the most rewarding experiences is seeing students come up with ideas for cutting edge neuroscience and artificial intelligence applications that we’re already working on in the lab,” comments Newtwon. “We’re proud that our STEM kits are helping students discover that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible.” 
    For details regarding ideal filming/photo op times and inquiries, contact: Meg Stowe mstowe@rockyhill.org or (401) 265-2089 via text or call. 
    Max Newlon, BrainCo. President can be reached at: max.newlon@brainco.tech
    (508) 517-4073 | https://link.edgepilot.com/s/a5557baf/2JdZP3zqWUGGBzuj-lXWIA?u=http://www.focuscalm.com/ | https://link.edgepilot.com/s/9246760a/UNwAPzwviUuVBZvcYTYa5g?u=http://www.neuromakerstem.com/
    BrainCo. will be on Rocky Hill Country Day School’s campus on December 1. from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm: 530 Ives Road East Greenwich, RI 02818

    Bio’s of Event Leaders:
    Meg Stowe - Director of Innovation, RHCD
    Meg has developed the E2 PRogram at RHCD, which integrates entrepreneurs within the academic day in classrooms throughout the N-12 grades to collaborate on developing social ventures and provide feedback to founders working on exciting innovations for social good. With an eye on the future of work, higher education and other learning and upskilling models, Meg’s work in education  is about examining purpose, pedagogy, and practices that support meaningful, relevant, and fulfilling learning to impact a community, a cause, and the world. 
    Max Newlon - President, BrainCo.
    Max spent several years working in top hospitals conducting research on the impact of neurotechnology and mind-body approaches to wellbeing and performance. After graduating from Harvard Graduate School of Education, he joined BrainCo as a research scientist in 2016. Now he leads the company towards its vision of unlocking human potential with brain-computer interface technology.
    Lawrence Franchini, VP of Sales
    Lawrence joined the team after spending 21 years at Verizon. He held multiple sales and operational roles from Retail, B2B, Authorized Agents, and National Retail Channels, leading teams to award-winning performance. Now at BrainCo he gets to combine his passions for sales and human performance. Lawrence currently leads the sales teams at FocusCalm, NeuroMaker, and BrainRobotics.
    Emma Cary, Research Coordinator
    Emma is a junior at Tufts University studying Cognitive Brain Science and Computer Science. She works as a neuroscience research assistant for BrainCo and has been conducting research studies on the FocusCalm headband since February. At school, she is also captain of the women's club lacrosse team and a research assistant in the psychophysics lab.
    Joshua Varela, Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships
    Joshua worked as a student advocate and was a member of the panel for educational policy for the New York City Department of Education in 2010. Joshua is a first-generation equal opportunity student receiving his Bachelor's Degree from University at Buffalo. Joshua then went on to receive his Master's Degree in International Affairs from the New School in 2017. Joshua went on to work for Samsung Electronics America. There he created educational technology certificate programs for under-resourced communities for Samsung's corporate responsibility division. Joshua then joined BrainCo.. As the Associate Director of Strategic Partnership, Joshua is a member of NeuroMaker, the educational division of BrainCo. Joshua works directly with district leaders across the Eastern United States to develop STEM programs leveraging emerging technology. Joshua's mission is to democratize STEM/CTE/CS, which calls for these solutions to be accessible, equitable, and inclusive throughout the country.
    Yu Gu, Hardware Engineer
    Yu joined the team in Oct. 2019 after graduating with a Master’s degree of Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. He developed the NeuroMaker hand from pieces of ideas to a mature product and developed lots of NeuroMaker BCI softwares for different system platforms. He is very passionate. And now he focuses on mechanical design, PCB design and product definition for the next generation of NeuroMaker Hand. Furthermore, Yu leads the software development for the NeuroMaker team now.

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