• Out of Work Due to the Gas Outage? Unemployment Insurance is Available.

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    If you are an employee of a business that is closed due to the gas outage, or if you are a business owner that has been unable to have employees come to work due to the gas outage, here is important information from the Department of Labor and Training about what you can do.  
    For employees:
    • Rhode Island workers who are unable to work because of the gas outage in Newport County are allowed to apply for unemployment benefits and should file a claim with the RI Department of Labor and Training as soon as possible.
    • Impacted employees are encouraged to file online to expedite the filing process. The web application can be accessed here: http://www.dlt.ri.gov/ui/fileclaim2.htm
    • Additionally, employees may find these resources helpful:
    • The standard one-week waiting period, as well as work-search requirements have been waived for claimants who are out of work as a result of the outage.
    • For employers:
      • Rhode Island employers whose affected employees file unemployment claims during the outage will be held harmless for the duration of the emergency.
      • The state is waiving employer benefit charges, and
      • Claims made by affected employees will not impact employers’ experience rating.
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