• Newport Pell Bridge Road Deck Project Update

    The Newport Pell Bridge Roadway Deck Repair Project has been going smoothly, and we want to share some information about phase two beginning Monday, August 12th to help you plan your travel to and from Aquidneck Island. 
    During this phase we will:
    • use the movable median barrier to keep two lanes open in the direction of heaviest traffic during rush hours: heading into Newport in the morning (6am–9am) and heading out of Newport in the evening (3pm–6pm). There will be one lane open in the opposite direction during rush hours
    • keep one lane open in each direction during non-rush hours
    • display traffic information on Variable Message Signs (VMS)
    • indicate whether a lane is open or closed via lane control signals (following preliminary work zone setup)
    • prohibit overwide and overweight trucks from crossing the bridge
    It’s important to note travel speeds will be reduced to 25 miles per hour on the bridge during construction, which will take place day and night. We thank you for your patience as we prepare the bridge deck for the next 50 years.
    To learn more about this project and to find real-time traffic updates visit RITBA.org 

    Rendering of the modified travel pattern (PM rush hours leaving Aquidneck Island) during the road deck project.

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